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ULaval Insitutional Plan 2023-2028

Working Together to Boost Our Impact 

Université Laval is above all a people-first adventure. We have built the university together over the years. This plan shows our commitment to putting people first in all our decisions. Today as in the past, we can reach our full potential by supporting one another. 

Acting with courage

To help overcome emerging challenges, Université Laval must assert itself as a high-impact university where education and research serve the common good. To achieve this goal, six “high-impact initiatives” will be launched. Interdisciplinary teams will chart ambitious roadmaps to define priorities while giving themselves room to experiment, learn, create, innovate, and co-construct our future. 

Getting involved

New challenges are emerging, both in higher education and in a world undergoing profound change. We need to commit to meeting them.

Success factors to make ULaval a high-impact university

Be innovative

To stretch the boundaries of knowledge 


Be agile and proactive

To take part in the action 


Be an interdisciplinary partner

To pool our strengths and knowledge in tackling increasingly complex problems 


Be engaged in active citizenship

To mobilize and work for the progress of society 


Be inclusive and diverse

To bring talent together, foster debate, and promote creativity. 


Be international

To act and make an impact across borders.

Étudiant et étudiantes

Working together

Now that the ULaval Institutional Plan 2023–2028: Working Together to Boost Our Impact has been launched, our mission is to make it a reality, to address the social, environmental, and technological challenges of our time, Here is a word from the Chairman of the Board and the Rector, as well as the mission that drives us, the vision we share, and the values that guide our actions.

View the full ULaval Institutional Plan 2023–2028